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Who We Are?

The Guild is a cooperative founded by the students of Marmara University aiming to improve the working conditions of translators in Turkey and specifically create a business model aiming facilitation of the employment of young graduates within the translation industry. As an autonomous cooperative, the Guild aims to implement a democratic, nonhierarchical administration where the voluntary contribution of the partners in the economic activities is the pillar of the cooperative’s work. The Guild intends to provide an innovative business model, horizontal relationships, fair payments and ethical working hours, thus creating a safe environment for newly graduated translators, where they can work, continue their training and focus on the quality of their services.

Our Team

innovative Business Model

Our business model involves translators being actual partners of the cooperative, rather than just employees. This creates a sense of ownership and prevents alienation from one's own production, leading to higher quality translations and better client satisfaction.

Horizontal relationships

We believe in a translation agency that operates on principles of equality, transparency, and mutual trust. Our organization is structured based on sociocracy, which means we value horizontal relationships, collective decision-making, and continuous improvement. Our team of skilled translators are not just employees but partners in our cooperative, which fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility towards each project we undertake.

Fair payments

Our translation agency believes in fair compensation for all workers, with a remuneration policy that prioritizes the actual workforce - our team of translators. As a cooperative, everyone involved in a project is paid the same rate, regardless of whether they are partners or adjuncts, ensuring equitable pay and a commitment to horizontal relationships.

Ethical working hours

At our translation agency, we prioritize the well-being of our translators. We ensure ethical working hours and aim for a good work-life balance. Our project organization is designed to prevent overtime and ensure that everyone on the team is able to work reasonable hours while still delivering quality work.

Our Services

Game Localization

At our translation agency, we offer a top-notch game localization service. As a cooperative, we have a team of dedicated translators who are also passionate about gaming. We understand the importance of cultural compatibility and accuracy when it comes to game localization. Our translators work collaboratively to ensure that the translation accurately reflects the original content while also being culturally appropriate for the target audience. We believe in ethical working hours and fair payment for our workforce, which allows us to attract the best translators in the industry.

Software Localization

Our software localization service is designed to help businesses adapt their software and applications to new markets with ease. Our pool of experienced translators in the IT sector ensures accurate translations and cultural compatibility of the localized software. We understand that software localization requires more than just translation, which is why our translators have hands-on experience with various apps and software. As a cooperative, we ensure that our translators are paid fairly for their work and are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Marketing Localization

Our marketing localization service offers expert localization solutions for a variety of digital products. Our experienced translators are native speakers of Turkish and German, providing accurate translations that capture the nuances of the target market. As a cooperative, our focus is on providing fair and transparent pricing while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our team understands the importance of effective marketing and ensures that your message is conveyed accurately and culturally appropriately. Trust us to help you achieve your marketing goals in the Turkish and German-speaking markets.

Formal Procedures

Our translation agency offers high-quality document and procedure translation services for both Turkish and German languages. Our team of expert translators are fluent in both languages and have years of experience in translating various documents such as legal contracts, medical reports, and technical manuals. We understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in these types of translations and ensure that every translation is thoroughly proofread and edited before delivery. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable translation services to meet the needs of our clients.

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The only way to accomplish great things is surely only achievable with great people who truly enjoy what they do, and we are aware of this. As cheesy as it sounds, our youth-led cooperative consists of self-dedicated enthusiasts specialized in providing Localization & Translation services in English, German and Turkish languages. In our current world, it is safe to say that translators are the pioneers of sharing information, promoting a product, localizing a software or a video game in cross-cultural situations. Our cooperative has the ambition to deliver a detail-oriented work regarding the smallest distinctions between cultures and to focus on the living language, thus providing the most efficient service.

Cansel Işık

Co-Founder/Social Media & Corporate Communication

Kaan Uluç

Co-Founder/ Administrative Affairsr

Mehmet Ali Özgündüz


Egemen Görçek

Co-Founder/ Quality Assurance

Alara Türkü Aktaş

Co-Founder/International Relation & Social Media

Fatih Sevinç

Co-Founder/IT & Technical

Ece Kaya

Co-Founder/Social Media & Market Research

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